This app was developed out of a problem merchants were having with keeping their BigCommerce stores up to date with pricing and inventory. In a perfect world a small to medium merchant who has a physical store should be able sell on multiple channels at the same time and by pure magic their pricing and inventory all aligns. In reality most small to medium merchants have POS systems where they manage their day to day operations and find the challenge of connecting these POS systems to their online store expensive or time consuming.

This leads to several problems

  • Small to Medium Merchants don’t update pricing and inventory as regular as they should causing costly pricing and inventory errors.
  • Small to Medium Merchants simply find the challenge of selling online to difficult and they give up.
vPOSit solves the challenge of updating BigCommerce stores by allowing merchants to leverage the vPOSit BigCommerce App to submit your product file on-demand. vPOSit will take care of updating your online store with Prices, Stock Levels, Product Availability and much more.

Some of the features of vPOSit are;

  • Full reporting of updates made to the store
  • Emails sent to you each time a file is received and processed by vPOSit
  • Easy to review dashboard for keeping up to date with changes and updates
  • Update Prices, Inventory, Visibility, and any other field
  • No Need to Modify POS Export Spreadsheets
  • Connect via BigCommerce App
  • Custom Business Logic Development Available
  • Updates and Manages Basic Products and Variants 

Besides merchants we see this app as part of any Design and Solutions partners Tech Stack when they are confronted with a Small to Medium size client who has a POS system that is difficult to integrate with or it is more cost effective to utilise vPOSit via the BigCommerce app.

Included in every vPOSit subscription is our consultation and implementation service, our team will make vPOSit work exactly as required to maximize the impact of every BigCommerce store, whether that be for the merchant directly or for a Design and Solution partner. 

Download the BigCommerce app