This is vPOSit

Get Data From Your Point of Sale to Your Online Store Fast!

Share your file export straight from any POS system to vPOSit and sit back as your pricing, stock, and other product data fields automatically update.

Built for Seamless Integration


Simply drag your product file into the provided Dropbox folder on your desktop or in your browser for automatic transmission to vPOSit


Email your product file to our receiver address. We’ll only accept and process files sent by your pre-approved email addresses, and including your unique security code.


Automate your product file export to vPOSit using our file receiver API endpoint. Available to all customers for the ultimate hands off workflow.

BigCommerce App

Install the vPOSit BigCommerce App to drag and drop product files directly into your BigCommerce Store!

Enhances these platform & partners

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Go Beyond Mapped Fields​

vPOSit features a powerful business logic engine, giving you the option to specify custom functionality, implemented by the vPOSit team just for you. 

Product On Back Order?

Let your customers know by automatically adding a lead time field for display on the product page.

Multiple Suppliers Per Product?

Set pricing in your store based on which supplier you’re currently sourcing stock from


"As a BigCommerce Design and Solution partner we come across many small to medium size merchants that need an easy and efficient way to keep the pricing and inventory up to date, before vPOSit there was no such solution. Thank you vPOSit, we will be using this app on everyone of our stores."
Justin Newman

That's Just The Beginning

vPOSit is designed to adapt to your unique business requirements, whatever they may be. If you have the data, we have the means. 


Email Reports

Receive a report email each time a product file is submitted

  • Easy to digest summary
  • Full log of updates
  • Download Full Report

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  • vPOSit System Overview

    vPOSit (Vesta Point of Sale Integration Toolkit) is a Run-On-Demand cloud solution providing integration between any Point of Sale system capable of exporting a Product Data File and eCommerce platforms.

    Upon signing up for vPOSit you will be contacted by our dedicated Setup Team who will walk you through the setup process and create an integration that fits your individual business requirements.

    Once your vPOSit integration is in place it can be run at any time by submitting your product file via any of our Input Connectors.

    vPOSit currently supports csv files as input and connects to BigCommerce online stores. If your POS system cannot export a csv file, or you are using an alternate eCommerce platform please get in touch, we are happy to look at expanding support to further formats and platforms.

  • Getting Started

    A vPOSit Setup Team member will get in touch to evaluate the exporting capabilities of your POS system, and your exact business requirements.

    Using this information, we will create your very own vPOSit integration. Each integration consists of four main parts.

    1. Input Connectors: How to get the data from your POS to vPOSit
    2. Product Mapping: How the data in your Product File relates to data in your Online Store
    3. Business Logic:What special data processing rules are required to achieve your business requirements
    4. Reporting:High level and detailed reporting on actions taken by vPOSit.

    All you need to do is submit Product Data Files using any of our provided Input Connectors.

  • Input Connectors

    Input Connectors serve two purposes:

    1. Receive Product Data from your POS system
    2. Trigger an Integration Run whenever Product Data is received

    The four input connectors offer a range of integration solutions to suit all business applications

  • Drag and Drop Via BigCommerce App

    As part of the vPOSit Setup Process, BigCommerce users receive the vPOSit BigCommerce Integration Dashboard App.

    Simply log into your BigCommerce store and navigate to [Apps] -> [vPOSit Integration Dashboard]. From here you can drag and drop your Product Data File and sit back as your Online Store is updated.

    Drag & Drop app image
  • Dropbox Integration

    All vPOSit users are provided with their very own Dropbox folder connected directly to vPOSit. This offers a flexible set of methods to get your Product Data File into vPOSit. Using the Dropbox Desktop App to add your vPOSit Dropbox Folder to your desktop offers convenient Product Data File submission options:

    1. Manually drag a Product Data File into the vPOSit Dropbox folder on your desktop for upload to vPOSit
    2. Set up an automatic export from your POS system to the vPOSit Dropbox Folder on your desktop for an entirely hands-off integration solution

    You can also log into your Dropbox account and submit files to the vPOSit Dropbox folder via your browser.

  • Email Integration

    You can also log into your Dropbox account and submit files to the vPOSit Dropbox folder via your browser.

    Some POS systems can automate the export and emailing of a Product Data File, allowing for a completely hands-off solution. Both automatically and manually emailed files are Run-On-Demand by vPOSit for immediate processing.

  • API Integration

    All vPOSit users are provided with an API endpoint and access key which can be used to create an automatic export from your POS system to vPOSit. Details of the API endpoint are provided as required.

  • Product Mapping

    All vPOSit Integrations are built around Product Mapping – the relationship between fields in your Product Data File and the data powering your Online Store.

    For POS systems capable of exporting custom Product Data Files, we offer the vPOSit Default Mapping format. All other POS systems or users with more advanced requirements are handled by Custom Mapping.

  • Default Mapping Format

    The vPOSit default mapping offers the following fields, which must be used as your Product Data File headers. The only required field is Product Code, and this must match the desired Product Code in your Online Store

    1. Product Code: Used to match to the product in your Online Store.
    2. Retail Price: The price to be set on your Online Store
    3. Quantity Available: The quantity to set against the product in your Online Store
    4. Product Visibility: Should this product be visible or non-visible in your Online Store

  • Custom Mapping

    If your POS system is not capable of exporting a custom Product Data File, we will build your very own mapping based on whatever Product Data File your system can export. Custom Mapping can also be used to expand on the fields offered by our Default Mapping Format.

    As long as you hold a Product Code in your POS matching the Product Code in your online store, you will be able to update any other fields.

  • Business Rules

    Sometimes a direct mapping from a field in your POS system to a field in your Online Store is not enough to handle your exact business requirements. This is where Business Rules come in.

    Business Rules are defined during the Setup Process and consultation and persist until you wish to change, remove, or add to them. Business rules can be as simple or complex as you require, all that we require is the relevant data to be present in your Product Data File. A few examples of Business Rules include:

    1. If a product has <= 0 inventory, display a custom lead time on the product online, and/or make it unavailable for purchase
    2. Setting/removal of Product sale pricing
    3. Setting/removal of Product minimum/maximum order quantities

    If you wish to add/remove/modify your Business Rules, simply get in touch!

  • Reporting

    Every time vPOSit processes your Product Data File you will receive an email summary of actions taken on your Online Store, including alerts for any issues which may require attention. This email report includes a link to download a Full Report CSV with in-depth action history for your records.

    BigCommerce users also have access to the vPOSit Integration Dashboard, which presents a graphical summary of actions taken according to your last Product Data File submission, and a link to download the latest Full Report csv

    Drag & Drop app image